Eating at Moment







The menu at Restaurant Moment is constantly changing with the season and the available resources. Thus, the menu mirrors "The Moment" and the attempt to elevate local and wild products. We think about our wines and drinking menus in the same way, and they contain several experimental elements.

The menu contains a few different options. The exact content of the menus can normally not be further specified beforehand for the above mentioned reason.

Please contact us as early as possible in case of allergies or special requests, so that we can be able to accomodate.

Children are welcome at the restaurant - but on the same premises as adults. Everyone at the table must order the same menu.

In case of cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the reservation, or in case one or more guests in a party do not appear, we have to charge 400 DKK pr guest. This is because we at that time have planned your visit, harvested and bought the raw materials, and all our personnel stands ready.